Valentine's Day 2019 and our Butler In The (Nearly) Buff!

Emma from Essential with her rose!Valerie loving life!

14th February 2019 was The Hall Of Flowers Belfast's first Valentine's Day in our shop so what better way to launch it than to get our very own 'Butler In The (nearly!) Buff' to give out free roses to all the lovely ladies, and gents, in the area!

It was a freezing cold February day but our Butler didn't care!  He was on a mission to spread the love up and down the road.  The ladies were more than happy to recieve their roses, the gents.....not so they got a copy of our contact details instead to remind them that they needed to remember Valentine's flowers for their better half!  

It was our aim to bring a bit of fun to the road and I think we succeeded - judging by the amount of laughs, photos and beeping of horns, ther ewas lots of fun had!

The team at Linda's Kitchen were keen to get a bit of the action!

Even with foils in there;

Luckily our Butler loved the ladies!



All out of roses but never out of smiles!